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Happy Friday! Today was another busy day full of learning. We began our morning by doing deposits with our class treasurers. We will deposit money into your check books every Friday.

After morning meeting, we finished our science lesson and made our own rubber band Hopper Poppers. You discovered that the force of the rubber band made your hopper popper jump! Depending on how fast you launched the hopper popper, it jumped off the desk below your head, shoulder level, or even over your head!

In math, we continued working with fractions. You were able to identify unit fractions and then make copies to build new fractions. An example of a unit fraction is 1/2. For an extra dollar, comment what the 1 means in the unit fraction and what the 2 means in the unit fraction.

After everyone finished the math lesson, it was time for your times test. We had a couple 3rd graders finish the multiplication challenge! We announce their names on Monday. Woo hoo!

Once our times test was over, we moved onto your spelling test. We can tell you have been practicing your words!

We sent home your report cards, FastBridge scores, and lots of papers with you today. Make sure to share these papers with your parents!

Have a great weekend 3rd graders, we will see you next week for our last week of hybrid schedul!

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