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Festive Friday!

Happy Friday! Today was filled with Christmas spirit; we loved seeing everyone's ugly Christmas sweaters, reindeer antlers, and jingle bells! Your outfits went perfect with our activity for the day - Elf Yourself! After we chose elf names and drew an elfie selfie, it was time to pick your Roman social class. It was a random selection and you all had great attitudes about the social class you were assigned!

Our next order of business was to begin laying out our gingerbread villages! You have learned that a lot more goes into designing a village than just building houses and businesses- we had to map out a main road, side streets, and neighborhoods before we could add any of the houses or businesses that you built. You also decided on a water source to add to the village as well as trees, parks, and a farm. We will finish putting our village together on Monday!

After Social Studies, it was time to move on to our math lesson. Today we continued to work on area by solving word problems with 1 side length unknown and choosing different strategies to find the area of a larger rectangle. When we finished the lesson, you took your final FastBridge test, yay!

We ended the day by reading about Augustus Caesar and the Roman Empire. We learned that Augustus became the most powerful Roman leader, with influence over most of the senators and generals. Unlike Julius Caesar, Augustus convinced Romans that peace was better than war. We will read more about Augustus and the Roman Empire next week!

We hope everyone has a great weekend! Only one week until Christmas break! Ho ho ho!

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