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Fast & Furious Friday!

Wow! Having 3 tests in one day is NO JOKE. We started our day by having almost every student turn in their Health Fair Projects, and as your teachers started displaying them in the hallway, HOLY COW - we were SO impressed! Your posters and tri-fold boards look absolutely amazing! And your videos were impressive as well! We are working on uploading the videos and taking pictures of your trifold boards over the weekend so they will be posted on our website for the public to see by Monday!

We had a lot to fit into our schedule this day. We had a lesson about climates of the world with Mystery Doug. Each student had a piece of a world map, and they worked with their group to identify the climate zone of different places. Then, they pieced their map together with 2 other people and we were able to identify some climate patterns.

What is something you remember learning about the climate zones and the maps you made? Share a fact below for an extra dollar!

We did our times test, spelling test, AND Unit 3 Reading test this Friday. We also made sure we did Lesson 19 in math and finished up our menus. Lesson 19 was all about multiplying with multiples of ten. If we know 6 x 5 = 30, then we know 6 x 50 would be 30 tens, or 300! Some of us caught on to it quickly, and others will practice a little bit more before our math test on Tuesday.

We can't wait for some fun Thanksgiving activities we have planned for in class and at home. Only 2 days of school until Thanksgiving Break! Enjoy your weekend and stay healthy!

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