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  • Cecily Day

Fast Friday

The week sure seems to go by fast when we only have 2 days of school! But we hope you get some rest over the weekend, because when we return on Monday, we will have a full 5 day week of school ahead of us!

Today went by pretty quickly because we had lots to keep us busy. We had a Morning Meeting with a special show and tell by Emiley, a few rounds of Mystery Student, and of course, taking breakfast and lunch count.

Then it was time for our times test. We had LOTS of students pass this week, so way to go! Some of you are getting so close to having a special lunch from your teachers.

We moved on to rotations after that. Mrs. Day's group added main and helping verbs to their writing notebooks. Miss Gurley's group took a spelling test, then started to work on their planet project. Mrs. Meridith's rotation was still about graphing. You had to read a scaled bar graph and solve a few two-step word problems. This can be a little tough for 3rd Graders, but the key is to read the problem carefully, set up Step #1 and Step #2, and then solve it!

In social studies, we studied maps some more by looking at a street map of Sun Valley. We used directions and roads to help us find the locations of different places. You are getting better at this all the time!

We ended our Friday with an auction of our longships from library and a box of Capri Suns. We are moving your flexible seating over the weekend, so thanks for helping us get the classroom picked up and ready to go (even though it took us awhile). Hope you have a great weekend - see you on Monday!

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