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Fabulous Friday

Friday was a fabulous day in 3rd Grade. Mrs. Meridith had to be gone, so we had Miss Bridget with us today. We started our Morning Meeting with a quick and silly greeting, show and tell from Lane, and reading the blog.

Then, we listened to our Read Aloud story about Mr. Toad. Man, that guy is irresponsible! His friends were trying to help him make better choices by locking him in his room and looking after him, but he lied to Rat and escaped out the window!

Then, he stole a motorcar and was driving recklessly! He got busted and our story ended with Mr. Toad getting sentenced to 20 years in prison! I wonder where our story will take us on Monday...

What themes did you see demonstrated from today's Read Aloud? Friendship/Loyalty? Hospitality? Responsibility? Or Irresponsibility? Can you give us an example of how that theme was demonstrated in the comments below?

Then, we went through our 3 reading rotations. Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie helped you finish your theme charts from earlier this week. Miss Briget's groups were working on sequencing on the computer, but we were having some serious internet issues in the morning, and some of you didn't even get a chance to try it. Mrs. Day's groups added some important information about writing a paragraph in their writing notebooks. We can think of a paragraph like a stoplight. The topic sentence is like the green light; it's how we start our paragraph. The yellow light is like our supporting details. And the red light, which means to stop, is how we want to wrap up our paragraph with a closing sentence.

We had 2 Prime Time groups, and during one of them, we practiced building our stamina at Read to Self. And guess what...WE DID IT! In only 2 days, our class reached 20 minutes. This is the fastest it has EVER happened! We will learn a new Daily 5 choice on Monday and give it some practice as well.

After recess and lunch, we came back into the room to take our first ever times test. The good news is, today was just a practice. We took a ones multiplication test just to get the hang of it, but next week we will take our 2s! Make sure you spend some time practicing throughout the week, even at home, so you will be ready for our test! Then, we wrapped up our art lesson with tints and shades. We practiced making colors lighter by adding white and making colors darker by adding black.

In math, we worked more on the commutative property and turn-around facts with arrays. You got to enjoy a fun painting project to practice your arrays with Miss Gurley. And you got to choose either Dreambox OR Reflex. We drew 6 tickets winners to wrap up our day! After we cleaned up, it was time to go home.

Have a fantastic weekend! See you Monday!

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