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Fabulous Friday!

It was an exciting Friday because our ELF arrived from the North Pole! You can vote for his name on Google Classroom. The choices are between Jack Jingle Frost and Ike. Either one will be the PERFECT name for him, and we can't wait to share adventures with him in our classroom this month.

We also made some clay ornaments for the Christmas trees. We cut them out with a cookie cutter, stamped our thumbprints, and will wait for them to air dry over the weekend. Then, we will decorate them on Monday with paint.

We learned more about area, and even when the rectangle was incomplete, we knew we could multiply the side lengths together to find the area! What do you think the area of this rectangle would be? Comment below for an extra dollar!

We also finished up our menus for the week. Then, we took our times test for the week! Don't forget that you should be practicing for your times test at home EVERY DAY (it's a part of your at home schedule!)

We moved on to our reading rotations. We started planning our animal paragraphs in writing and we were reminded of our writing goal. Mrs. Meridith read Chapter 5, and Miss Gurley gave us our spelling test.

Next week, we will start our Fastbridge tests! We can't wait to see how much you've improved since the beginning of the year. Hooray!

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