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Eyes & Vision, Primary Sources, & Solving for the Unknown

Happy Thursday 3rd graders! During this morning’s meeting, we greeted each other by singing, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear,” we shared what the best gift we could give someone is and we played Categories. Your teachers think we need some more practice with this game!

After morning meeting, you listened to today’s read-aloud and learned details about how the eyes work and how vision helps us understand the world around us. The human eye has many parts that all work together to send messages to the brain that allow us to “see.”

During our reading rotations you continued working on your health fair project in Mrs. Day’s group (6 more school days until the Health Fair!). In Mrs. Meridith’s group, you read more about eyes in your little readers and solved another secret message. For spelling practice, you played BOOM!

After a few rounds of Reading Prime Time and/or Daily 5, we continued reading The BFG.

When you returned to the classroom from recess and lunch, it was time for another social studies lesson. Today’s lesson focused on primary sources. For a bonus ticket, comment below an example of a primary source!

In today’s math rotations you practiced multiplication facts during prime time or menu time. During your teacher lesson, you solved equations by multiplying and dividing with familiar facts using a letter to represent the unknown. For another bonus ticket, solve for the unknown in this equation: c x 7 = 21

It was another great day in 3rd grade, see you tomorrow!

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