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Exploration Place, Word Problems, & More Body Systems

Tuesday is always a fun day because we get to have Exploration Place! Mr. Josh was here to fill in for Miss Erica. We learned about cacti and their protective waxy coatings and needles that help them retain water in the desert.

More groups finished up their life-sized body systems and put them on display in the hallway. They are looking amazing! And it helped many of you decide what you want to make your Health Fair booth about.

In math, we solved word problems with 6s and 7s. We drew tape diagrams, did skip-counting, and used other strategies we've learned to help us! We also are working hard on our menus. They are due by FRIDAY!

Our reading rotations went super quick today! We finished writing topic sentences with Mrs. Day and read chapter 4 about joints, ligaments, and tendons with Mrs. Meridith. The morning class got to celebrate Peyton's birthday with animal crackers and juice. Happy birthday Peyton!

Don't forget to log on to your Google Meets tomorrow during Remote Wednesday at 9:00 and 1:00. All your assignments will be on Google Classroom!

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