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Exploration Place!

What a WONDERFUL Thursday it was! We were so excited to go on our first field trip of the year to Exploration Place. But before we could leave, we had to take care of our Saebers Fastbridge test. Some of you also had to go to the All Purpose Room for Talent Show rehearsals. We will be talking more about our act tomorrow and getting our last practices in as well.

Finally, it was time to load the bus! We met our parent volunteers there and split up into groups. We started at the Dome Theater and watched the show, Animalopolis. Then, we got to explore the exhibits with our groups. At lunch time, we ate outside in the picnic area and enjoyed some beautiful weather! We went back in and had another hour in the exhibits. Finally, we ended at the Live Science Show to watch Project Hoverboard. We learned some neat things about magnets and how they are working to invent a hoverboard. Too bad it costs $10,000!

We got back to school and enjoyed a nice afternoon recess. See you tomorrow for our LAST FRIDAY of 3rd Grade! You might need to do a little fact practice at home to get ready for your times test. It's also our last one! Here's just a couple pictures we took...sorry we don't have more. We were too busy having fun!

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