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Et tu, Brute?

Happy Thursday, 3rd Graders! We had another fun, festive December day in our classroom. We discussed our toga party that will be happening next Thursday, December 17! Students will draw a Roman social class to portray, then you will create a costume that matches (see our Roman Civilization unit on this website for some ideas!) Then, we made Christmas joke cootie catchers for our special activity.

In math, we used the distributive and associative properties to solve the area of large rectangles. Then, we took some more Fastbridge tests. We are getting close to finishing - only 1 more day!

We ended our day by reading about the last years of Julius Caesar's reign. The title of this blog is a famous saying when he discovered all the other Senators, including his friend Brutus, betrayed him and stabbed him in the back (literally!). Poor Caesar..he was getting a little rude, though, being a dictator and all.

See you tomorrow for several different exciting activities: your times test, spelling test, gingerbread town, Christmas activity, and selecting your Roman social class, just to name a few!

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