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End of State Assessments Celebration!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Phew! We finally made it to the end of the week!

After morning meeting, you went outside to get some fresh air before it was time to take your last ELA state assessment. Thank you to those of you who took your time, used your test taking strategies, and tried your best! When everyone was finished, you got to go back outside for a brain break.

During science, we met with Mystery Doug to discuss the question, "Why are some apples red and some green?" We discovered that for thousands of years, people have kept selecting their favorite fruits and then planting those seeds, over and over. So why are some apples red and some green? The answer is that some people like sweet red ones, and some people like sour green ones.

To celebrate the end of State Assessments, your teachers decided to ditch this afternoon’s math rotations and go outside for some fun challenges instead! After a whole group balloon keepy uppy and water balloon toss, you were split into smaller groups and rotated through each of these challenges:

Corn hole

Standing pool noodle

Balancing ball/milk crate tug of war

Hula Hoop Race

Tic Tac Toe Relay

We ended the afternoon with celebration popsicles. It was awesome! Your teachers are very proud of all your hard work this week, enjoy your weekend!

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