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End of Astronomy Unit, Tournament of Books & Regular/Irregular Polygons

Happy Thursday 3rd graders! We eased into our morning by either working on the space puzzle, finishing up a menu activity, reading or drawing. We met on the front carpet for our morning meeting activities and then got our day started.

We have officially finished our Astronomy Unit! We reviewed what you have learned about space by flipping through the chapters in your Little Readers and looking at the headings, photos and captions, and bold print words to find key information. Next, you took your Unit 7 test. Your teachers were very pleased with your scores!

When everyone finished their test, your teachers had an exciting announcement for you. To celebrate the end of our Astronomy Unit, our class is going on a mission to the moon! You heard about the mission and the different jobs; part of you will be working at NASA while the others are working on the moon. You will find out which job you’ve been assigned to tomorrow morning!

After lunch, we listened to the last two books in our bracket. Today you listened to Pig the Fibber and The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. You casted your votes and Pig came out on top today!

For your math lesson, you continued comparing and classifying polygons according to their attributes. The attributes we used to classify were if all sides of the polygon were equal, all sides not equal, at least 1 right angle, and at least 1 set of parallel sides. For a bonus ticket, comment below what a REGULAR polygon is!

Have a great night, see you all tomorrow for SPACE DAY!!!

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