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Elves, Decline of Roman Empire, Gingerbread Businesses & More!

Welcome to another festive and fun week in 3rd grade! We began our Monday with a morning meeting and then checked our Christmas Countdown Calendar. For today’s activity, you turned yourselves in *elves* by finding your elf name and drawing yourself as an elf. As you were working on this, we got a surprise delivery from the North Pole! Santa received your letters and sent our class our very own Elf. We voted and his name is Buddy. He will remain with our class until Christmas break!

During reading rotations you read chapter 15 in your little readers with Mrs. Meridith, completed a context clue worksheet and daily fix-it sentence with Mrs. Day, and practiced spelling sight words with shaving cream.

In today’s read aloud we learned about the factors that led to the decline of Rome. Comment below one cause of Rome’s decline for a bonus ticket!

Then, we took a couple math Fastbridge tests. Your teacher’s have been pulling some 3rd Graders to do their reading fluency test as well. We love to see how much you’ve improved from the beginning of the year. Keep up the good work!

In social studies, we watched a video about community helpers and brainstormed everything we could think of that a community must have to function. Then, you signed up for the gingerbread business to create at home.

In math, we started a new week of menu. This week’s activities will all be review, with a fun holiday twist! For your teacher lesson, we used tiling with centimeter tiles as a strategy to measure area.

Have a great evening! See you tomorrow!

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