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ELA State Assessment Part 1, 3D Printer, Science Fruit or Science Vegetable

Hello 3rd graders! We have almost made it to the end of the week. When you came into the classroom this morning you were surprised with encouraging notes and treats from your House Leaders. They wanted to remind you not to stress and just do your best on the tests!

After morning meeting you snacked on grapes, peanut butter crackers and apple juice. Then we went outside for a brain break recess. When you returned to the classroom, you geared up and took part 1 of your English Language Arts state assessment. Only one more test to go!

After testing, we went back outside for another brain break. Then, for STEAM time, Mrs. Sawyer came to our classroom for an awesome lesson on 3D printing. After getting the rundown, you got to play around and design items on The options are endless!

During science you examined a piece of celery, radish, potato, tomato and cucumber to determine if it was a Science Fruit or Science Vegetable. The tomato and cucumber had seeds, so they are a Science Fruit. The radish, celery, and potato did not have seeds, so they are considered a science vegetable.

In today’s math lesson, you solved word problems with perimeter. For a bonus ticket, correctly solve this word problem:

Mrs. Meridith draws a square with a perimeter of 36 inches. What are the side lengths of the square?

See you tomorrow for our LAST day of State Assessments!

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