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Daily Roman Life, Climates of the World, & Multiples of 10

We had a tremendous day in 3rd Grade (minus us missing the lovely Mrs. Day)! We started with Morning Meeting, where we greeted each other with What's the News?, shared one thing we would like to learn, and had a special show & tell from last week’s Star Student, Shyanne. Then, we went back to our seats to listen to today’s read-aloud about daily Roman life in the city. For a bonus ticket, comment below something that Roman children learned.

We listened to our Little Reader chapter on our chromebooks today, and completed an anticipation guide before and after the reading. We practiced our spelling words by playing *Sparkle*. Before we knew it, it was time for Prime Time or Daily 5, a new story book (The Christmas Pig) then recess and lunch!

In science, we had a lesson about climates of the world with Mystery Doug. Each student had a piece of a world map, and they worked with their group to identify the climate zone of different places. We will continue this lesson tomorrow!

We completed all of our math rotations together today. We started with a menu activity involving division, then we had a math lesson about multiplying by multiples of 10. We ended the day with Dreambox and an afternoon recess.

It was a great day in 3rd grade! Have a nice evening, see you in the morning!

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