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Daily Coin, Plantation Life, and Wants & Needs

It may have been pouring rain off and on all day, but we did not let that stop us from having a successful Monday in 3rd grade!

We started something new during morning meeting - A coin of the day! Today we reviewed pennies. These coin reviews will come in handy during a few upcoming walking field trips your teachers have planned!

For our whole group read-aloud, you learned that the Europeans started claiming land for themselves on which people were already living. They started growing cash crops, such as rice, indigo, and tobacco. In order to get enough workers in fields, colonists chose to take people by force, or slavery.

During reading rotations you read more about plantation life with Mrs. Meridith, started typing your personal narratives with Mrs. Day and practiced writing your spelling words with shaving cream.

After lunch and recess, we started a new economics unit. Today we discussed the difference between a want and a need. A need is something that you need to survive and a want is something that you would like to have, but isn’t necessary to survive. For a bonus ticket comment below one want and one need.

We have finished our last math module, but we are not finished with math for the year! Instead, we are going to review what you have learned in 3rd grade math. Today we reviewed arrays, multiplication and division, and story problems.

Have a nice night, stay safe if it storms!

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