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D E S K P E T S !

Happy Friday 3rd graders! It was a fast, fun and busy day in our class! We began our day by taking breakfast and lunch count on new sheets. This seemed to go a lot quicker than our normal breakfast/lunch count, so I think we will try this method again next week! The next order of business for the day was doing deposits with our treasurer. You deposited any money you had into your checkbook and if you had a job this month you also got paid for that! After deposits and morning announcements were finished, we began our morning meeting. During our meeting we hired new helpers for jobs in March. After classroom helpers were hired, it was finally time to reveal our surprise.... DESK PETS!

Desk Pets are adorable and fun companions, but being a pet owner means being responsible, so there are a few steps to take before you can earn a desk pet. First, if you decide you can afford a desk pet and want to take on the responsibility of caring for one, you will fill out an Adoption Application.Your teachers will approve or deny the application over Spring Break. When you return from break, it will be ADOPTION DAY! It costs $50 to adopt a pet and $25 for their habitat. You can decorate the habitat and purchase special snacks and toys for your pet. Remember, if you do not take good care of your pet or it becomes a distraction, your pet will be put in the pound. If you want to rescue your pet from the pound, you must pay a fee. Desk Pet applications will be available next week!

After morning meeting, it was time for a whole group read aloud. Today's read aloud was all about space exploration. During the read aloud you completed an Anticipatory Guide to answer true and false questions before, during, and after the reading. True or False: Our solar system is geocentric...

For today's rotations, you met with Mrs. Meridith for your Module 6 Math test. In Miss Gurley's group, you took your weekly times test and spelling test, then put the finishing touches on your Planet Mobile. In writing with Mrs. Day you brainstormed ideas about the future of space travel and then used your ideas to write an opinion paragraph.

Instead of Prime Time, we had a special presentation about Dental Health from students in the Dental Hygienist Program at Wichita State. We learned that you should always brush your teeth every morning and night and you should brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. After the presentation you got your very own toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss to take home! How nice :)

After lunch, we opened the class store. Some of you chose to save your money to buy a desk pet. During specials you met with Miss Andrea to complete a fun STEAM project, creating a compass rose. You also had music with Miss Thompson.

After we finished our afternoon rotations, it was time to clean up, pack up and go home.

Have a great weekend, we will see you on Monday :)

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