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Cowboy vs Aliens

HEY Y’ALL! Happy Thursday!

For today’s whole group reading lesson, you learned about our last vertebrate group ---mammals! All mammals are warm-blooded vertebrates with hair or fur. The mothers give live birth and feed milk to their babies. What two mammals are unique exceptions and do NOT give live birth?

During reading rotations, you continued working on your animal research with Mrs. Day. In Mrs. Meridith's group, we played a few rounds of “Guess the Mammal.” You listened to three characteristics of a mammal and you had to try to guess which animal it was. Next, you learned more about mammals in your little reader. For a bonus ticket, comment below what makes mammals the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom.

Once we completed our reading rotations, it was time for a couple rounds of Reading Prime Time and/or Daily 5. We finished our morning off by reading more of, Because of Winn Dixie.

After lunch and recess, you returned to the classroom for a science lesson. In today’s lesson you had to think about how living things interact with other living and nonliving things to survive in an ecosystem.

After specials, we began our math rotations. You completed your last menu item for the week or went to math prime time. During today’s teacher lesson, you solved mixed word problems involving measurement.

Have a great evening 3rd graders, see you tomorrow for a fun-filled FRIDAY!

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