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Countdown to Christmas!

Hello 3rd graders! Welcome to our last week of school before Christmas break! We began our morning with a meeting and greeting, then got to discover our special Christmas activity. I won’t say too much about it in case a parent decides to read our blog, but let's just say they are going to LOVE what we made today. ☺️

Since we finished our reading unit last week, your teachers thought it would be fun to spend some time this week doing Christmas Tree Farm activities! Today, you learned that in order to run a Christmas tree farm, it is important to know about the life cycle of a Christmas tree. Comment below one thing you learned about a Christmas tree’s life cycle for a bonus ticket!

In math, we worked on area and using the side lengths to make a multiplication sentence. We could multiply the two sides together and find the area! What would the missing side length be for this rectangle with an area of 15 square centimeters?

At the end of the day, we found out we WON the penny wars! That means PIZZA PARTY and SONIC DRINKS!!! woo hoo!

We also won 3rd place in the Christmas Door Contest. Thanks to Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie!

It was another fabulous day in 3rd grade. Have a nice night!

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