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Cootie Catchers, Debates, Area & Gingerbread Planning

Happy Thursday, 3rd Graders! We had another fun, festive December day in our classroom. First thing this morning we had our morning meeting. Then, we made Christmas joke cootie catchers for our special activity.

We took our Reading Test over the Ancient Roman Civilization. We will start a brand new Reading Unit after Christmas Break!

Then, together as a class, we discussed how a debate works. We thought about what we have learned about Julius Caesar and why he could be considered a hero or a traitor. Next, you picked a stance and worked together with people on your side to organize a debate. After coming up with the top 3 reasons that supported your position, each group chose one member to be the arguer in front of the rest of the class. Our judges agreed that Julius Caesar was a hero!

During social studies, we watched a town planning video and then signed up for committees so we can start laying out our gingerbread town!

In math we learned more about area, and even when the rectangle was incomplete, we knew we could multiply the side lengths together to find the area! What do you think the area of this rectangle would be? Comment below for a bonus ticket!

We have a lot going on tomorrow. We will be visiting the 5th Grade Santa Store, having our Toga Party, and wrapping up things we have been working on in class.

Don’t forget to bring your gingerbread business and your toga party outfits in a bag. We will change before the party

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