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Concave & Convex, CAFE, and Fractions

Welcome to another fabulous week in 3rd grade!

In today’s read-aloud, you listened and learned about reflections and mirrors. When light waves hit an object, they can be transmitted, reflected, or absorbed. For a bonus ticket, comment below what happens when light hits a mirror.

During reading rotations, you met with Mrs. Day to observe your reflections in the concave and convex sides of a spoon. After your observations, you discussed and recorded the differences between the upside-down concave image and the upright convex image. You read more about mirrors and reflections in your little reading during Mrs. Meridith’s group. You also practiced your spelling words by playing hangman with Miss Gurley.

After reading rotations, it was time for Reading Prime Time and our first week of CAFE activities. You were given a CAFE menu so that you can cross off each letter after you complete that lesson for the week. Remember, CAFE is an acronym that stands for:

C - Comprehension

A - Accuracy

F - Fluency

E - Expanding Vocabulary

Your teachers are excited for you to learn new skills to help you become better readers and we hope you are excited too!

After lunch, we started a new science unit with Mystery Doug. After watching a video of an ice board in action, you had to think like a scientist and record the following:

What parts do you see the ice board is made of?

How do you think the ice board works?

What do you wonder about the ice board?

In this unit you are going to learn that understanding pushes and pulls will let you do so many cool things!

Now that we have wrapped up our area module, you had your first teacher lesson over fractions during math. In today’s lesson, you partitioned a whole into equal parts by folding fraction strips. You noticed that the more parts the fraction strip had, the smaller the parts became. Keep these fraction strips in your math book!

Have a nice evening, see you tomorrow!

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