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Colorful Wednesday

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Hello 3rd graders! It was a wacky, busy, and COLORFUL Wednesday! Right after morning announcements, we headed to the all purpose room for a house SPIRIT assembly. You got together with your house members, elected a 5th grader for head of house, and practiced your house cheer. You will get back together with your houses this Friday to present the cheer in the all purpose room!

Once we finished meeting with our houses, you all headed back to our classroom for our reading lessons. You read chapter 12 in your little readers to learn more about birds. As you read, you recorded important facts about birds on a graphic organizer. Next, everyone got time to start researching their chosen animal.

The Fire Department came to discuss fire safety. Remember to talk with your family tonight about a safety plan for where to go in case of an emergency.

Miss Erica was here for a fun science lesson about animal life cycles. After watching a video about a butterfly life cycle, you worked with a partner to sort different pictures of animal eggs, babies, young adults, and adults into the correct group.

Before we knew it, it was time to set up our lemonade stand! You all did an awesome job working together on this fundraiser. We earned a whopping $103!!! All the money you earned will go towards field trips and other fun activities in 3rd grade!

After lunch and recess, we discussed our lemonade stand and what worked well and what did not work well. We also decided that we will try to do another fundraiser in the cooler months by selling hot chocolate!

When you returned from specials, we began our math rotations. You completed another time review activity during menu or completed a fact fluency paper. Today’s lesson with your teachers was all about estimating and measuring liquid volume in liters and milliliters using a vertical number line. You also completed lessons on Dreambox.

We ended the day by getting outside for some fresh air. Have a great night 3rd graders! See you tomorrow!

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