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Colonial America, Fastbridge Testing & Apple Tasting

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Hello 3rd graders! Welcome back to another busy, fun, and FULL week of school! You noticed some new countdowns on our morning slides today - 4 days until the Color Run, 9 days until our walking field trip to the Regent Theater, and 13 days until a special field trip! We have lots to look forward to!

We began a new reading unit all about Colonial America. We were joined by a guest speaker, Mary, who talked about the history of the colonial time period. She was even kind enough to bring us molasses cookies to taste!

After Mary left, we read chapter 1 in your new little readers. This reader is historical fiction: the stories and characters are made up but the times and places were real. In this chapter you learned that the thirteen English colonies were divided into three distinct regions: Southern, New England, and Middle Atlantic.

During our read-aloud you learned that people came to North America at different times and for many different reasons. For a bonus ticket, comment below one reason why people settled in North America.

We will be using maps and a timeline as time traveling tools during this unit. Today, we labeled a map of the 13 colonies and we sequenced a timeline of early colonization in North America.

We ended our morning by starting your Fastbridge tests. Your teacher’s will be pulling some 3rd Graders to do their reading fluency test as well. We love to see how much you’ve improved from the beginning of the year. Keep up the good work!

In today's science lesson, you got to do an apple taste test. You tasted four different varieties of apples to learn about the traits (color, texture, and flavor) of apples that humans have artificially selected. After tasting each apple you decided which was your favorite - the Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji, or Honeycrisp.

During math rotations we started a new week of menu activities. You solved word problems involving area and perimeter during your teacher lesson. You have one more math lesson this week then we will be reviewing and taking a test over module 7! For technology time you completed lessons on Dreambox - don’t forget your goal is at least 5 lessons per week!

It was a great start to the week! See you guys tomorrow.

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