• Cecily Day

Class Store, Math Lesson, & Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving Week! This will be a short, fun week for us since Thanksgiving Break starts on Wednesday! That's won't even have remote work! You can enjoy the days off with your family and friends.

Today, we finally got to open the class store! We did deposits with our treasurers and saw how much money was available to spend. We had lots of people take home some goodies, and we even saw a few kids do some early Christmas shopping! How thoughtful!

We made sure we squeezed in our last math lesson for this Module. It was all about two-step word problems and multiplying numbers that had multiples of 10. Good thing we learned about that last week! Tomorrow we take our Module 3 math test to show what we know in math. When we return from break, we will start Module 4 all about area.

We ended our day by doing a writing activity - we wrote a recipe for Pumpkin Pie in a Cup, and then we got to make that recipe to try it out! Everyone who tasted it said it was DELICIOUS, and if you don't like pumpkin, you decided to share your recipe with someone at your house. Such great Thanksgiving spirit.

See you tomorrow for another fun batch of Thanksgiving activities before break!

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