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Circle of Gratitude

Hey there 3rd graders! We began our Thursday morning with our meeting and another gratitude activity. Today’s activity was a “circle of gratitude.” We sat in a circle and tossed a beach ball around to each other. When you caught the ball, you shared with the class one thing that you are grateful for. We continued until everyone had shared. It was a great way to start our morning!

We did not have reading rotations today. Instead, we took our Unit 3 reading assessment and spelling test, then got busy putting the final touches on your Health Fair projects. The Health Fair is tomorrow!!! We can’t wait for you to share what you’ve learned about healthy choices, human body systems, and health care jobs with the rest of the school!

We wrapped our morning up with a couple rounds of Reading Prime TIme/Daily 5 and The BFG read-aloud.

During Social Studies, we added more to our History in Kansas books. Today’s topic was schools/work. For a bonus ticket, share one way that schools have changed from the past to the present.

After specials, it was time for math rotations. You met with your teachers for a lesson over using the associative property as a strategy to multiply. You worked on getting a green light in Reflex and completed a menu activity or went to Math Prime Time.

See you tomorrow!

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