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Christmas Word Search, Roman Social Classes, House Construction & More Area

Happy FRI-YAY 3rd graders! We began our morning with our usual meeting and then checked our Christmas Countdown Calendar. Today’s special activity was a Christmas word search!

After our morning meeting, we took some time to discuss something fun happening in 3rd grade next Friday… A Toga Party! However, this isn’t just a silly party, we are using what we’ve learned about Roman Social Classes to really demonstrate what it was like to be a Roman citizen. So, each of you drew from a jar and your social class was determined. You will either be a Slave, Plebian, Patrician, or Senator. We will send a note home to your parents so they can help you get your outfit for the party ready!

In today’s reading we learned about the Roman Empire’s expansion after Julius Caesar’s death. An empire is larger than a kingdom and consists of many different regions ruled by an emperor. What was different about the way Augustus Caesar ruled Rome compared to Julius Caesar? Comment the correct answer for a bonus ticket!

During reading rotations you took your spelling test, worked on your opinion paragraph, and completed some comprehension questions for your report card.

After lunch and recess, you took your weekly times test. Congratulations to Mazric for passing his 9’s!!! He will get to have a special lunch with his teachers next week.

Then, you finished constructing your gingerbread houses. Next week, we will discuss our community and sign up for businesses.

For your math lesson, you composed and decomposed rectangles using square inch and centimeter tiles and compared their areas. If Mrs. Day builds a rectangle with an area of 6 square inches and Mrs. Meridith builds a rectangle with an area of 6 square centimeters, do their rectangles have the same area? Why or why not?

Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

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