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Christmas Chalk Art, Julius Caesar, Gingerbread Houses, & Area

It was another busy day in 3rd grade! I have a strong feeling that our days will continue to be busy and full until Christmas break! We began our morning with our usual meeting and then checked our Christmas Countdown Calendar. Today’s special activity was to create some festive christmas art using black paper, white crayons and chalk, to create a string of Christmas bulbs. We will hang these masterpieces in the hallway!

In today’s reading we learned that Julius Caesar became the dictator of Rome and was very powerful. He kept gaining power, but eventually his enemies gained the upper hand. Caesar’s last words were “Et tu, Brute?” when he discovered all the other Senators, including his friend Brutus, betrayed him and stabbed him in the back (literally!).

During reading rotations you practiced your spelling words by doing “scribble” spelling. Don’t forget your spelling test is tomorrow! You also met with Mrs. Day to begin the rough draft of your opinion paragraph and read chapter 13 in your little readers with Mrs. Meridith.

For social studies, we began planning and constructing your gingerbread houses. We will finish these in class tomorrow!

We started a new module in math today all about area. We learned that the amount of flat space a shape takes up is called its area. We used pattern blocks to measure shapes and counted the square units. While using the pattern blocks, we noticed that as the pattern blocks get bigger, the number of blocks it takes to cover the same shape gets smaller.

At the end of the day, you met in the music room with the rest of the school for another music rehearsal. Your program is on Tuesday!

Have a great night 3rd graders, see you tomorrow!

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