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Character Traits, Scarcity, & Module 7 Review

Hello 3rd graders! We had a slow start to our morning - everyone got some free time on their chromebooks before we started morning meeting. During our meeting we reminded you that tomorrow you need to bring a sack lunch and $6 for our field trip if you haven’t already!

Instead of reading rotations, you all worked on two-step story problem evidence for your report cards. Next, you chose a character trait to describe each of your classmates for a special project your teachers are working on. Then, you started to work on our 3rd grade memory book on Google Classroom. You added a selfie, what you are most proud of, and some of your favorites (memory, book, & subject). If you didn’t finish today, you can work on this anytime we have free time!

We ended the morning with Prime Time, Sight Word BINGO, and our CAFE groups.

After lunch and recess we continued talking about supply and demand. Today you learned a new economic vocabulary word: scarcity. For a bonus ticket, comment below what this word means!

When you returned from specials, you took your very last times test for 3rd grade. You should be proud of all the progress you have made this year! Next, we played money games and then began our Module 7 review. We played connect 4 and the Blue team was victorious!

Before the end of the day, we took some time to clean up and then headed outside for a recess.

Have a nice evening, see you all tomorrow!

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