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Character Paragraphs, More Practice Tests, Vikings & Equivalent Fractions

Wow! Welcome back from your extra long weekend! We hope you enjoyed your snow days, but it is time to get back to work in 3rd grade.

We began our morning with a meeting and discussed that tomorrow we will be going to the high school in the afternoon to see the Children’s Theatre perform a play. It is going to be awesome, but our schedule will be a little wonky because we will go to specials first thing in the morning, so don’t be late!

In today’s reading rotations, you began your favorite character paragraphs with Mrs. Day, wrote your spelling words in alphabetical order with Miss Malorie, and read chapter 6, Balder the Beautiful, with Mrs. Meridith. For a bonus ticket, comment below the only thing that would be able to harm Balder.

Once we finished reading rotations, we completed a couple more practice state assessments. Before we knew it, it was time for recess and lunch.

After lunch, we filled out some more important information in your Viking Notebooks. For another bonus ticket, comment below the difference between a karl and a jarl.

For math you completed an equivalent fraction mystery picture during math menu or went to prime time. During our lesson, you expressed whole numbers as fractions and recognized equivalent fractions with different units. If the parts of the whole and the whole are the same, we know that fraction is equivalent to 1 whole.

We ended the day by finishing up our viking quest. In today's Viking Quest, you met Freydis, Leif Eriksons's sister and explored Iceland. Freydis discussed how Vikings make big decisions and are governed. You also learned about epic poems and how Vikings passed on information. We collected more resources - wool, blubber, and fish. Our sail was torn up by a storm, good thing we had enough wool to weave a new one!

Have a great evening, see you all tomorrow!

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