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Carnival and Color Run Day!

Woooo-weee! Friday was so busy that it took your teachers most of the weekend to recover and finally get to posting this blog. But Mrs. Day and Mrs. Meridith both agreed that Friday was one of our most favorite days we've ever had in 3rd Grade!

We started our morning by discovering all the chairs in our classroom had been pushed aside because the CARNIVAL was set up! So we had a large morning meeting on Mrs. Day's carpet to kick start our day. Then, we went outside to the front of the school to watch the 5th Graders launch their hot air balloons. Unfortunately, there were some design issues and none of the balloons floated very far. Those hard-working 5th graders are going to make some changes and invite us back for the next launch!

When we got back to 3rd Grade, we took our spelling test over oi and oy words and our times test. We also had classroom elections for the FINAL time this year. Congratulations to all our new helpers for the month of May. We know you will work hard and help us make our classroom great.

Then, finally, it was time to celebrate all your hard test prep work with our CARNIVAL! You got to cash in your tickets from the week on some fun games, and some of you even got some extra last minute bonus tickets for improving your Fastbridge scores. Way to go! Some of the games you could've played were Punch Out, Skee Ball, High/Low, Ping Pong Toss, Knock Down, Ring Toss, Bean Bag Toss, Basketball, and Nut Stacker. Oh, and don't forget about all your cardboard arcade games that we added to the mix! You also could've spent your tickets at the Kissing Booth (guessing how many Hershey's kisses were in the jar), the Hair Braiding Station, Face Painting Station, or getting a delicious bag of popcorn for a snack. Any time you won a game, you got to take a small prize from the prize table. It was seriously the most fun (and busy) morning ever. We appreciated all your help cleaning our classroom and putting it back to normal afterwards.

After recess and lunch, we took a few minutes to chill out and rest our bodies before the Color Run. We watched an episode of Pet Stars and the World's Ugliest Dog contest. Then, we got decked out in our camo gear and headed to the assembly. Some of you received an extra color dye packet to start the race, and then 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades took off from the starting line! I hope you enjoyed the extra obstacles they added this year. Mrs. Day and Mrs. Meridith were stained green from our color throwing station, but it was so worth it! It was a beautiful day with great weather.

Don't forget that we start State Assessments on MONDAY. It is super important to eat a healthy breakfast, get good sleep, and come to school on time! We can't wait for you to rock these tests!

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