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Candy Day!

Hello 3rd graders! Welcome to our CANDY DAY! We spent all of our Tuesday doing Candy themed activities. Anyone caught doing something amazing got the chance to pick a candy out of a jar. If your piece of candy had a GOLDEN TICKET inside, you earned a special prize!

We began by watching a video about how Salt Water Taffy is made. It was oddly satisfying to watch! Next, we brainstormed what a candy factory would need in order to operate. After we brainstormed, we read a special letter from Willy Wonka. He needed help designing a new floor for his factory! You had to add 5 new rooms and an elevator. If you had any leftover space, you were able to design your own creative rooms for Mr. Wonka.

Before you were finished with your candy floor, we completed some candy experiments! First, we created a skittle rainbow. Skittles are coated with sugar and food coloring. When you add warm water to the Skittles, the sugar and food coloring start to dissolve. They have similar amounts coated on them so they dissolve at similar speeds and stay in their lanes. The sugar is moving to areas of water with lower sugar concentration.

When you returned from recess and lunch, we went outside to complete a mentos and coke experiment. Who remembers why the mentos react with the coke? Comment below for a bonus ticket!

When you got back from specials, your teachers had another special surprise for you. We canceled Math Prime time and Dreambox, so we could watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

We hope you enjoyed Candy Day. We will see you tomorrow for another fun day in 3rd grade!

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