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Candy Day

Hello 3rd graders! Happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend! This morning, we had some new countdowns - 3 days until Exploration Place, 5 days until the Talent Show and 6 days until our walking field trip to Donut Bay! Plus there are only 9 days left of school until summer break - woah!

Now that our last days of school are numbered, we decided to start a Countdown to Summer calendar with different fun activities each day. Today was CANDY DAY, so all of today’s activities were candy themed.

Anyone caught doing something amazing got the chance to pick a candy out of a jar. If your piece of candy had a GOLDEN TICKET inside, you earned a special prize!

Our first activity was watching a video about how different candies are made. After the video, you sequenced the steps of how to make one kind of candy from the video.

Next, you were given some brain teaser activities. The first activity was Oompa Loompa equations. For this activity, you had to balance each set of equations by determining the hidden number in each set of number sentences. Once you completed the Oompa Loompa equations, you moved on to Candy Calculators. Willy’s Candy Calculators take in a certain amount of candy and spit out a different amount. Every Candy Calculator followed a different mathematical rule. The next activity was a GOLDEN ticket Brainteaser. For this activity, you had to arrange the letters in GOLDEN so there was one of every letter in the word in every row, column and 2x3 box.

We took a break front the brain teasers to brainstorm what a candy factory would need in order to operate. After we brainstormed, we read a special letter from Willy Wonka. He needed help designing a new floor for his factory! You had to add 5 new rooms and an elevator. If you had any leftover space, you were able to design your own creative rooms for Mr. Wonka.

Before you were finished with your candy floor, we completed some candy experiments! First, we created a skittle rainbow. Skittles are coated with sugar and food coloring. When you add warm water to the Skittles, the sugar and food coloring start to dissolve. They have similar amounts coated on them so they dissolve at similar speeds and stay in their lanes. The sugar is moving to areas of water with lower sugar concentration. What science is happening? Comment below for an extra dollar!

Our next experiment involved the science behind gummy bears! We added water, salt water, and vinegar to cups with a gummy bear. Gummy bears are made out of gelatin. When water moves into the gummy bear from the container, osmosis happens. Gummy bears have little tiny holes in them, and the holes can get plugged by the salt and not let as much water in. Acid from vinegar breaks down the gelatin in the gummy bear. This experiment takes 24 hours, so we will check back on our gummy bears tomorrow!

After lunch and recess, we practiced our act of cardio desk drumming for the talent show. We need to get a few more pool noodles, but you guys did awesome today! We are going to rock the talent show!

When you got back from specials, your teachers had another special surprise for you. We cancelled Math Prime time and Dreambox, so we could watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

We hope you enjoyed Candy Day. We will see you tomorrow for another fun day in 3rd grade!

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