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Busy, Rainy Thursday

Today we worked clear until it was time to dismiss and go home! We always have so much to do during our day, and today was no exception. We started with a Mystery Science lesson about forces. We talked about pushes and pulls, and how those matter during a tug of war game. We also watched rubber bands put force on a watermelon until it exploded! Tomorrow during science, we will finish the lesson by making our own rubber band Hopper Popper.

In math, we did a menu activity over equal and unequal parts. During teacher time, lesson 5 was all about writing the FRACTION FORM and UNIT FORM.

For reading, we got through all 3 rotations - hooray! Mrs. Meridith's group read about concave and convex lenses. Mrs. Day's group added sentences and fragments to their writing notebooks. And Miss Gurley's group did some hunk and chunk practice. Tomorrow is your spelling and times tests! We hope you have been practicing!

See you tomorrow!

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