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Bubble Day & Talent Show

Welcome to your last week of 3rd grade! It was a very busy Monday.

You were able to have some free time this morning and then after morning meeting, we were excited to find out that it was BUBBLE DAY! To kick off our bubble day, we had our own bubble blowing contest (Congratulations to our winner, Avrei!). After that, we watched a video about how to blow bubbles with bubble gum. Next, you wrote the steps for blowing a bubble with sequencing words. We also played Division Bubble Bump and you practiced writing your names in bubble letters.

In the afternoon, we walked to Memorial Auditorium and watched a fantastic talent show. We were so proud of all the 3rd Graders who performed in an individual act!

It was a great start to our last week together. See you all tomorrow for another fun day!

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