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Bubble Day

Hey 3rd graders! Happy Tuesday! We began our morning by finishing up some of our candy activities from yesterday. First, we checked out your gummy bear experiment. Some of the bears had shrank or dissolved and others grew larger. We think that the size of the cup that the gummy bear was in might have made a difference. Next, went outside to complete a mentos and coke experiment. Who remembers why the mentos react with the coke? Comment below for an extra dollar!

Now that we were finished with candy activities, it was time to check the summer countdown calendar and we were excited to find out that it was BUBBLE DAY! To kick off our bubble day, we began by watching a video about how to blow bubbles with bubble gum. Next, you wrote the steps for blowing a bubble with sequencing words. After that, we had our own bubble blowing contest (Congratulations to our winner, Delaynie!). We also played Division Bubble Bump and you practiced writing your names in bubble letters.

Our bubble activities continued in the afternoon as you learned all about the author and illustrator Mo Willems. Mo uses movement lines, direction lines, thought bubbles, speech bubbles, big words and quotation marks in his books. You had to search for these things in a few of his books with your cohorts. Next, it was story time! Your teachers read 4 of Mo's books to you and your job was to identify the characters, setting, main idea or problem, and solution or lesson from the 4 different stories.

We ended our bubble day by watching a video about bubble science. A bubble has 2 states of matter, who can remember what they are?

We hope you all enjoyed bubble day, see you tomorrow for another fun-filled day!

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