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Brrr! Where's the Snow?

It should be illegal to be that cold and NOT snow outside! It was SO chilly outside on Tuesday, but we still bundled up and braved 2 recesses. Make sure you bring your coats all week, because it isn't going to get much warmer.

On this terrific Tuesday, we had our normal rotations. Mrs. Meridith's group looked at equivalent fractions on a number line. You color coded different fractions and noticed which ones lined up in the exact same places.

Mrs. Day's group worked on their Viking notebook. You wrote down different vocabulary words, looked on the map for Vinland and Scandinavia, and answered 3 big questions. Do you remember what a settlement is? Write it below in the comments for an extra dollar! We are journeying on to our next place in the quest on Wednesday: Greenland! Maybe we will run into Leif Erikson's dad while we are there?

Miss Gurley's group read about Sif's Golden Hair. That pesky Loki cut it off and made her and Thor reallyyyy angry. We wonder how he will make up for it tomorrow. These myths from the Norsefolk are very entertaining.

Miss Erica was here with Exploration Place and we started Part 1 of a 2 week project: making a pendulum! We built the base today and next week she will return to help us make the rest of it. She also remembered to bring her liquid nitrogen and made an AWESOME cloud in the room. It spilled out all over Mrs. Day's desk!

Stay warm and see you all tomorrow!

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