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  • Cecily Day

Bridges, Fraction Art, and Close Reading

Happy Monday, 3rd Grade friends! We started our day off by asking our classmates "What's the news?" from the weekend. Then, Mystery Doug led us through our new science lesson over forces. We learned about 4 different types of bridges and how engineers have to think about forces to construct bridges, like the Golden Gate. On Thursday, you will work with a partner to build a paper bridge and see whose is the strongest! Do you remember one of the four types of bridges? Comment below for an extra dollar!

In math, we did our lesson as a whole group because it was just easier to do that. We made fraction art by partitioning a whole piece of paper into equal pieces. Then, we shaded one of the pieces. We labeled our artwork by writing the unit fraction, the shaded pieces, and the unshaded pieces. Finally, we glued our pieces to make some beautiful art. Then, we started our new menus. Lots of you are going to finish early this week, which is great! We have an extra special project for those of your who do finish early.

In reading, we learned a new strategy called Close Reading. We used sticky notes to write down key words, important definitions, and even draw a picture of some things we learned about in our chapter! This is a great strategy when we read nonfiction stories to help us understand the text better. Even Mrs. Day and Mrs. Meridith used close reading in college! We can't wait to learn more about light and sound tomorrow.

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