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Body Systems, Sevens, & Reading!

Welcome back from a wonderful weekend. We got right to work on this marvelous Monday. We started our day by working on our body system group projects again. Many groups are getting close to finishing! We also started Day 1 of our Health Fair projects at home. You should have picked out your topic and decided if you want to make a poster or tri-fold board. Tomorrow you begin your research, and this will take you most of the week to complete.

In math, we worked on skip-counting by 7s and using the break apart and distribute strategy to help us get to the next number in our count-by. This reminded us of our lesson on Friday with the 6s, so we were old pros! We also started a new menu today and will have lots of great review activities to complete on our own.

Miss Gurley helped us with our new spelling words at Work Work. In Mrs. Day's writing group, we worked on writing an interesting topic sentence. With Mrs. Meridith, you read about the muscular system today. Do you remember how many muscles are in the human body? Comment below for an extra dollar!

We hope you have a terrific evening. Don't forget to get your homework done and bring it to school so we don't mark you absent!

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