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Beringia Migration, More Perimeter, & Class Football Game

Hello 3rd graders! We began this terrific Tuesday with a morning meeting that included a compliment greeting, sharing where we want to be, and a few rounds of “the voice.” We also had a special show and tell from Steehlen!

In today's whole group reading lesson, we began by locating some of the areas that you heard about in yesterday's Read-Aloud and labeling them on a map. We also drew arrows on the map to show some of the routes used by the people of Asia to migrate to different areas of North America. Remember, it is believed that there were several ways people migrated to North America, but this unit focuses on the Beringia Migration. In today's read-aloud we read about how Native Americans acquired their food, the different regions they settled in, what kind of clothes they wore and more.

After completing a comparison quick write with a partner, we went outside to practice for your spelling test by playing SPARKLE.

After recess and lunch we continued working on our Native American Tribe booklet. Today we focused on the Southeast tribes. For a bonus ticket, comment one interesting fact that you learned about this region!

When you returned from Music and 2nd Step, you either completed a Math Menu activity or went to Prime Time. Then, we had a whole group math lesson over perimeter. When we finished our lesson, it was time to go outside for our class football game!

It was a great day in 3rd grade. Have a nice night, we will see you tomorrow!

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