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Basket Weavers, Plural Nouns, & Perimeter of Circles

Welcome to another wonderful and busy week in 3rd grade! During morning meeting we talked about our weekends and had a special show and tell from Avrei.

After morning meeting, we completed today's read-aloud. In today's reading you heard about the Ancestral Pueblo, the Mogollan, and the Hohokam tribes. They lived in the Four Corners area of the Southwest region. Like the Mound Builders, the Ancestral Pueblo began to change the way they lived. They began to farm crops such as corn and squash. Because they farmed, they stayed in one area for at least part of the year and needed more permanent homes. Their daily lives helped create a regional culture.

In your reading rotations you read Chapter 3, Almeda, The Basket Weaver. The Pueblo became known for their basket weaving. It was important for Almeda to learn this skill. Their baskets were extraordinary, beautifully designed and intricately woven. They were coated with mud and baked in the sun. The baskets were also needed to store food. During your writing rotation, you practiced making nouns plural. (For a bonus ticket, write the correct plural form of this noun: baby.) You also sorted your new spelling words.

After recess and lunch, we continued learning about Native American tribes. Many Native American tribes settled in the plateau region because it was filled with rivers, valleys, and huge forests. With a mild climate and rich soil, the people living here used their environment to thrive and flourish.

In math, we learned how to find the perimeter of a circle. A circle doesn’t have straight sides, so we couldn’t just use a ruler to find the perimeter. Instead, you worked with a partner to wrap string around the circle. One partner held the string in place while the other partner used a black marker to mark the string where it met the end after going all the way around once. Since the string had about the same length as the perimeter, you were able to use rulers to measure the length of the string to the black mark.

We ended the day by going outside to enjoy the fresh air. Have a nice evening, see you tomorrow!

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