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Arctic/Subarctic, Pollination, & More Review Games

Hello 3rd graders! We began this windy Tuesday with our usual morning meeting that included a greeting, share time, looking at our countdowns and reading yesterday’s blog.

After morning meeting, you listened to today's read aloud about the Native American people who lived in the harsh climate of the Arctic/Subarctic of North America. The Inuit had to create warm clothing to help them survive the harsh climate, they created dwellings out of snow called igloos and they hunted whales, caribou, seals and walruses.

During reading rotations, you read Ch. 7 in your little readers about Yutu the Dog Trainer. Yutu's people trained dogs to be sled dogs, pulling sleds that allow the Inuit to travel and hunt in a land that is frozen for a large part of the year. The dogs are trained to work as a team, pull heavy loads, travel long distances, travel across snow and ice, sniff out seal breathing holes, and stand firm against polar bears. To practice for your spelling test, you went outside and wrote your words with chalk. You also added singular pronouns and plural nouns to your writing notebooks.

Before recess and lunch, we played another round of “Stinky Feet” to help you review for your state assessments next week.

During science we finished our lesson about pollen. In today's activity, you made a flower out of paper, and a bee using pipe cleaners. Next you added some pretend pollen to your flower, and then flew your bee from flower to flower looking for nectar. You pretended that the pollen had fallen off onto the petals of the flower where the bee lands. You and a partner practiced seeing what happened when your bees land to drink nectar at each flower.

For math, we continued working on your review packets. You were paired up with teammates and had to be the quickest to hit a buzzer and give us a correct answer for points!

It was another great day in 3rd grade. See you at the Memorial Auditorium for your concert TONIGHT! Be there at 5:45.

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