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April Fools!

Happy first day of April 3rd graders! We had a busy morning this morning that included turning in Color Run donations, doing breakfast and lunch count, exercising desk pets and going over a couple changes in today's schedule.

After morning meeting, Mrs. Elder had an important announcement - the whole school needed to do a "Flood Drill." After you took off your socks and shoes, rolled up your pants, stood on your chairs, and practiced holding your breath and doing swim strokes....Mrs. Elder announced that it was all a joke. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!

For today's read aloud, you learned about tribes that lived in the southeastern part of North America. The southeast has a warm climate, an abundance of fruits and berries, and animals to hunt. The tribes that lived there grew crops such as corn, beans, squash, sunflowers and tobacco. Men were in charge of hunting, going to war, and making tribal decisions that were political. Women were responsible for making decisions about the family, property, and farming.

During today's rotations you met with Mrs. Day to discuss root words, prefixes and suffixes. Root words are kind of like a tree and branches off into other words that we can make. Sometimes root words are also called base words. You completed a word sort and sorted words with the base word help, care and wonder. You also underlined root words and played a root word memory game. In Miss Gurley's group, you took your weekly times test and spelling test. For math with Mrs. Meridith you composed and decomposed polygons using tetrominoes.

During story time, we continued reading The Lemonade War and celebrated Miller's birthday with a birthday song and treats. Happy Birthday Miller!

Instead of doing a science or social studies lesson today, we did rotation #7. We did this so we were able to watch Miss Becker get pied in the face! (It was actually shaving cream!) Then we enjoyed some popsicles and had a quick recess.

Before we left, we got all your supplies ready to switch seats. You will have new spots when you get back next week.

Have a wonderful 4 day weekend! Happy Easter!

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