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April 23rd, 2021

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Hey, hey 3rd grade! Happy FRIDAY!! We began our morning with a quick greeting and a few announcements. We also got a special show and tell from one of our students of the week, Allie. Miss Allie brought her cat, Jackson! He didn’t seem very excited to meet us, but he sure was cute!

After our morning meeting, you took your weekly spelling and times tests. Then it was time to begin our rotations.

In today’s rotations you took a test over area and perimeter with Mrs. Meridith. In Miss Gurley’s group you read Ch. 9 in your little readers about Henry Hudson. After reading the chapter you were asked to decide if you think Henry Hudson was an important explorer of North America even though he failed to find a Northwest passage. For writing with Mrs. Day you continued working on your personal narratives. Today you talked about ending your story when and where it took place. You also did some peer editing and offered feedback on how to make the story more clear.

During story time, the whole class worked on Lemonade Stand prep work and advertising. We will sell lemonade Tuesday and Wednesday next week!

After recess and lunch you got back together with your house to continue working on your cardboard arcade games. If you did not finish your games today, you will be able to put the finishing touches on them on Tuesday!

At the end of the day you got a special ticket to a carnival test prep! Your teachers will fill you in on this next week - be excited!

Enjoy your 3 day weekend, we can’t wait to see you for a fun-filled week!

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