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April 21st, 2021

Happy Wednesday 3rd graders! We began our morning with a compliment greeting and a few announcements. Our countdowns continue: FastBridge tests in 3 days, Color Run in 7 days and State Assessments in 8 days. We also welcomed our new student, Emiliano.

For whole group reading, you listened to a read-aloud about an explorer named John Cabot. Cabot was like Christopher Columbus in many ways. Like Columbus, he was also searching for a shorter route to Asia, but he thought he could travel to Asia using a shorter route than Columbus used.

In your writing lesson with Mrs. Day, you continued working on your personal narratives. After you conferenced with Mrs. Day and got your rough draft approved, you began typing.

For math with Mrs. Meridith, you continued finding the area and perimeter of rectangles. True or False: If a rectangle has a greater area than another rectangle, it must have a larger perimeter. Comment with the correct answer below for an extra dollar.

During Miss Gurley’s group, you learned more about John Cabot in Chapter 8 of your little readers.

There is no Prime Time on Wednesday, so we played some fun review games instead. First, to practice your spelling words, we played a few rounds of SPARKLE. This week’s spelling words are tough, so make sure you are practicing the ENTIRE time you are at your spelling/word work rotation. After sparkle, we played “Stinky Feet” to review different reading, writing and math concepts. Mrs. Day’s girls were the winners today!

After recess and lunch, you got back together with your houses to continue working on your cardboard arcade games. Once you got your game design approved by a teacher, you were able to grab your supplies and start building. You will continue to work on your games tomorrow.

At the end of the day, we had to have a classroom discussion about your behavior during independent rotations. There has been WAY too much learning time wasted. You have the rest of this week to show your teachers that you can behave correctly. If you don’t shape up, we will unfortunately have to cancel the fun things we have planned for the end of the year. Remember to show integrity, please!

Have a nice night, see you in the morning!

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