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April 19th, 2021

Hey hey 3rd grade! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you are ready for another fun whole week of school! After greeting each other and catching up with, "What's the News?" We started our morning meeting. In today's meeting we discussed our countdowns (5 school days until FastBridge tests, 9 school days until Color Run and 10 school days until State Assessments) and a couple changes we decided to make after our class discussion last week. Your teachers listened to your suggestions and have decided that instead of doing table points to decide who gets to move around during independent rotations, we will draw a student's table from our sticks each day instead. We hope this new change works well.

After we wrapped up our meeting, we began our read-aloud. In today's reading, you heard about a friar who traveled alongside two explorers of the Southwest. First, de Vaca told the viceroy, Mendoza, of the Seven Cities of CIbola. Then, Mendoza sent Friar Marcos and Esteban on an expedition. Esteban and Marcos separated. Esteban ended up being killed and Marcos returned to Mexico, claiming there was a city of gold, but he lied about having seen it with his own eyes. Coronado set off on his expedition 1 year later. On Coronado’s long expedition, he and his men had conflicts with natives, came across the massive Grand Canyon, and saw the Great Plains with huge herds of buffalo. In the end, the men of Coronado’s expedition never found gold.

Once our read aloud was finished, we began our daily rotations. Miss Gurley was gone today, so during her group you listened to Chapter 6, Coronado Reports to the King, on your chromebooks. In his letter to the king, Coronado says, “The plains were full of cows.” What animal were they actually? After you listened to the chapter, you began working on an explorer’s chart.

In Math with Mrs. Meridith, you continued labeling the unknown side lengths of polygons and then found the perimeter of the shape. Why are rectangles and squares helpful when you are trying to find the perimeter?

For your writing lesson with Mrs. Day you narrowed down your personal narrative topic to a seed story. A seed story focuses on just one small moment in time. You began thinking about as many details as possible for your seed story.

During story time, we discussed our big classroom fundraiser...the 3rd grade lemonade stand! Our goal is to raise enough money to use for field trips and activities in May. Our first step to be successful is to sign up for committees. Each of you was assigned to one of the following committees:

  • Communication Team

  • Supply Crew

  • Set Up Group

  • Clean Up Team

  • Marketing and Advertising People

  • Sellers

We will sell the lemonade next Tuesday and Wednesday. Fingers crossed the weather will cooperate for us!

During your normal science/social studies time, we introduced this month’s house challenge to you all: designing and creating an arcade game out of boxes! Together with your house members, you will build an arcade game that is fun and easy to use. Sometime next week, we will have different grades come in and play the games you created. Everyone who plays will get to vote on their favorite game. The house who’s arcade game has the most votes, will win the house challenge!

At the end of the day, we made sure that the floor was clean enough that a baby could safely crawl on it! Please continue keeping our classroom clean. We appreciate your help!

Have a great night, see you in the morning!

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