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April 15th, 2021

Hello 3rd graders, happy Thursday! We had a very busy morning. After you came in and did attendance and put your things away, you deposited any money you had with our class treasurer. Once deposits were complete, we began our morning meeting with a greeting and announcements. We discussed that there would be no rotations or Prime Time today, so we could watch a movie in the afternoon.

We completed our morning meeting and then began today's read aloud. Today you learned about a conquistador named Juan Ponce de Leon. Ponce de Leon joined Christopher Columbus on his second voyage, became governor of HIspaniola, and went on to explore the coast of Florida, which led him to discover the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream was an important discovery because explorers were able to get back to Europe quickly by sailing into the Gulf Stream and riding the strong current back home. After we finished the read aloud, you completed another expedition log to help you remember important information about Juan Ponce de Leon's voyage.

Next, we listened to Chapter 4 in your little readers titled, El Castillo de San Marcos. As you listened, you recorded five facts that you learned. After we finished the chapter, you shared out some of the facts you recorded, which included:

-El Castillo de San Marcos was a fort built by the Spanish in the 1600s

-A bastion is a raised gun platform

-The walls of El Castillo de San Marcos are made of seashells

-The Spanish used a kind of rock called coquina. Coquina is a mixture of fossils and seashells. Coquina does not crack or shatter when cannonballs hit it.

-El Castillo de San Marcos was a strong fortress. It was attacked many times but it was never captured.

After our reading lesson, we did some spelling practice. Together with your cohorts you practiced your spelling words for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes was up we continued practicing, but instead of our normal spelling/word work, we played "Sparkle" instead. Ava was today's sparkle winner!

Our next order of business was our math lesson. For today's lesson, you used a string and a ruler to find the perimeter of circular objects to the nearest quarter inch. Do you think the process you used to find the perimeter of a circular object is an efficient method to find the perimeter of a rectangle? Comment below why or why not for an extra dollar.

We finished up our math lesson with a few minutes to spare before recess, so we played a couple rounds of "Around the World" with our multiplication flash cards. You all have improved in your fact fluency!

During our normal science/social studies time, you either worked on your math menu or did lessons on Dreambox.

After specials you returned to the classroom and we celebrated Brittin's birthday with yummy cookies and a birthday song. Happy early birthday Brittin! Then it was finally time to watch our movie, Cheaper By The Dozen.

Before we finished the movie, we went outside to see Ms. Brown get pied in the face! Then it was time to pack up and go home.

Have a great evening 3rd graders! Tomorrow will be a great day because MRS. DAY WILL BE BACK!!! YAY!!! See you then!

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