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April 14th, 2021

Hello 3rd graders! Happy Wednesday! We began our morning with a selfie greeting and a few announcements. There are 8 days until FastBridge tests, 12 days until Color Run, and 13 days until State Assessments.

For today's read aloud, you learned that Christopher Columbus made four voyages to the West Indies. Columbus and his crew members treated the Taino unfairly. The crew members left behind from the first voyage raided their villages and took many of them as slaves. When Columbus returned from his second voyage, he created unfair rules, forcing the Taino to collect gold and work on plantations. Many Native Americans were killed because of these unfair rules, and many more died because they were not immune to the germs the Europeans carried in their bodies.

In Miss Gurley's group you completed an expedition log. Explorers often wrote in journals, or logs, to help them remember important information about their expedition. These journals described the landscape of a certain area, the people they encountered, and the resources they found on their travels. Some explorers also sketched images of the places, people, and things they encountered. Today's expedition log will help you remember important information about Christopher Columbus and his voyages.

For your writing lesson today, you continued brainstorming ideas for your personal narrative. On a brainstorming page, you listed 5 people that you have special memories with and the memory you have with them. You also thought of 4 favorite places that you have ever been. This brainstorming page will be very helpful when you begin writing your own personal narrative.

During your math lesson with Mrs. Meridith, you solved perimeter word problems with rectangles and regular polygons. For some of the problems with larger numbers we used the break apart and distribute strategy.

There was no Prime Time today, so you lucky ducks got to have a nice long recess! It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. After your recess, we finished reading, The Lemonade War. We will discuss our 3rd grade lemonade stand soon!

In today's science lesson, you got to do an apple taste test. You tasted four different varieties of apples to learn about the traits (color, texture, and flavor) of apples that humans have artificially selected. After tasting each apple you decided which was your favorite - the Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji, or Honeycrisp.

We finished up our afternoon rotations and then it was time to pack up and go home.

Thank you for being kind to our substitute today! Mrs. Day will be pleased to hear that she does not have to worry about our class while she is gone. Mrs. Day will be gone again tomorrow, please keep her and baby Tanner in your thoughts and wish them well!

Have a great night, see you tomorrow!

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