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April 13th, 2021

Hello 3rd graders, happy Tuesday! We began our morning with a fun greeting - a paper snowball fight! After our greeting we discussed a few announcements - 9 days until FastBridge tests, 13 days until the Color Run and 14 days until State Assessments. Also, Mrs. Day will be gone a couple of days this week so she can take care of her baby boy while he recovers from his surgery. Let's wish Tanner a speedy recovery!

After morning meeting you listened to today's read aloud titled, "1492: A Year That Changed the World." During this read aloud, you learned that the explorer, Christopher Columbus went on a voyage to what he thought was the East Indies to find gold and spices. However, he did not find the East Indies, he landed on one of the islands in the Bahamas, off the coast of North America. He called the native people he met, "Indians." The natives were friendly, and the Europeans traded with the Native Americans. However, in their quest for gold, the Europeans began to mistreat the Native Americans, taking some of them prisoner and also exaggerating in their reports to Spain about the amount of gold in the "New World."

Once we finished whole group reading, we began our daily rotations. In today's writing lesson with Mrs. Day, you came up with good story ideas for your personal narrative. You thought of a memory with someone special in your life. Next you came up with a time you felt a strong emotion such as: nervous, sad, angry, scared, or happy. For math with Mrs. Meridith you determined the perimeter of regular polygons and rectangles when some of the side lengths were unknown. You used your knowledge of regular polygon and rectangle attributes to help you find the unknown side lengths and solve the perimeter. During Miss Gurley's group you read Chapter 3: Navigation in the Age of Exploration. For an extra dollar, comment below some of the ways explorers kept track of where they were.

For our science lesson today Miss Erica was here from Exploration Place to finish testing your spaghetti bridges.

Before our afternoon rotations were over we had to have a chat about issues with bathroom breaks. Some people are goofing off in the bathroom and wasting time during rotations. If this continues to be a problem, you will no longer to be able to independently go to the bathroom whenever you need to. We will have to have a classroom policy that will only allow you to go to the bathroom at certain times. We don't want to do this because you are future 4th graders and we know you should be able to handle bathroom breaks appropriately!

Have a good night class, see you tomorrow!

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