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Another Wacky Wednesday

Hello 3rd graders, happy Wednesday! We started our morning off with our Character Trait Assembly. Congratulations to our students of the month, Paxton and Sophie! These two are excellent examples of kind students! Our new trait for the month of November is, Gratitude. For a bonus ticket, comment below one thing you are grateful for.

When we returned to our classroom we had our morning meeting and then began reading rotations. You continued working on your health fair project in Mrs. Day’s group (7 more school days until the Health Fair!). In Mrs. Meridith’s group, you compared and contrasted the human body systems we have learned about so far - The skeletal system, the muscular system and the nervous system. You also got in some spelling practice.

There was no prime time today, but Miss Erica was here for another fun science lesson! You created your own rain gauge with a powerade bottle, tape, rocks, and a ruler. You will get to take these home and test them out!

After recess and lunch, we continued yesterday’s science lesson about clouds. You conducted an experiment, the Gas Trap to discover how clouds are formed. You “trapped” hot water inside of a cup and observed the condensation of the water vapor on the sides of the cup. Now you know that clouds are made of very small droplets of water. Water gets up into the sky by the process of evaporation, rising and becoming a gas. And then it forms tiny water droplets up there, which appear white.

In today’s math rotations you completed lessons on dreambox, met with your teachers for a lesson about the distributive and commutative properties, and went to prime time or completed another menu activity. Once again, keep practicing your multiplication facts to build your fluency!

It was another great day in 3rd grade, have a nice evening!

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