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Amphibians + Word Problems = Monday

On this wonderful Monday, we learned a LOT about amphibians, especially our friend, Tabitha Toad. We talked about metamorphosis and life cycles. Can you use sequencing words and tell us how an egg morphs into a frog? If you use words like first, next, then, and last in your answer, you can earn 5 classroom dollars! We filled out our field journal using these same sequencing words and even drew pictures to match. We also worked on adding -ed and -ing to some cvce words.

In math, we solved word problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, AND division. It can be kinda tricky to know which operation we should use, but drawing pictures like tape diagrams helps us work the problem out!

Don't forget to be working on your habitat project at your house. If you still need a shoebox, ask an adult to help your OR let your teachers know that you need an extra box and we can try to find one for you!

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